About Us ● ILTEX

A leader in the production of dry food for dogs and cats

ILTEX is a leader on the Bulgarian market in the production of dry extruded food for dogs and cats, as well as in packaging its own and other brands.


We have our own, modern plant equipped with facilities for a fully automated production process.


In addition to the large market share in the domestic market we also have a share in the international market – we export our products to more than 15 countries on 3 continents.


We have established long-term business collaborations thanks to completely transparent and correct relations with our partners, mutual respect and support.


Our ambitions are to develop domestic production offering quality food at an affordable price to feed our pets with our Bulgarian food and to reach more and more satisfied customers.

Production and quality control

The quality of our products is of the utmost importance

We carefully select the raw materials that we use in the production process, we also monitor their proper storage and work only with established suppliers. We produce some of our raw materials ourselves – this is the other part of our business, focused on agriculture and animal husbandry.


We have our own laboratory in which a total control and analysis of raw materials and final products is carried out. First, the raw materials are examined at each delivery. Then at each stage of production control studies are carried out that allow us to guarantee the quality of the food. Eventually it ends with a laboratory analysis of the final product. A team of professionally trained specialists monitors the correct course of technological and production processes. They are carried out according to international and European quality standards. The packaging base is equipped with various packaging machines and a robot-palletizer which increases the production capacity. Regular investments are made in the renewal of machines and equipment with the aim of higher and reliable productivity. The product is labeled and packaged in compliance with the regulatory requirements and corresponds to the information declared on the labels. All this ranks us among the best producers of dry food for dogs and cats on the Bulgarian market without competition in the “price-quality” ratio.


We have developed a wide range of our own brand products and we also offer our partners the production of private brands for dry and canned foods in various sizes.


We follow the most modern methods of organizing the processes of packaging, labeling and logistics of the final product.


The packaging of dry foods is in flexible packages from 400 g to 12 kg.

Canned pet foods are available in sizes of 410 g, 820 g and 1250 g.

Retail network

These are all our brands that we produce. Part of them are for sale only in the retail network and the rest you will find online here.


Caring for nature

We know that the future of our children and next generations depends on us!

We take responsibility for environmental protection and conservation. We believe that together we can tackle global problems and reduce the carbon impact on nature. In recent years we have been investing more and more to leave behind our “green” footprint on the planet, namely:


Construction of two solar parks;


Replacement of the fleet vehicles with electric ones;


Construction of our own charging station powered by photovoltaic systems;


Digitalization of processes in order to reduce the use of paper;


Optimization of processes;


Reusing materials to reduce waste;


Recycling and separate collection of waste;


No till technology in the cultivation of agricultural areas which spares the soil and preserves life in it.



1996 – founding of ILTEX EOOD in the city of Varna with the main activity – distribution of pet food


2001 – opening of a packaging workshop and packaging of our own brands which have been successfully established on the Bulgarian market.


2016 – commissioning of a newly built factory for the production of dry food for dogs and cats in the village of Slanchevo, Varna region.


Ние работим успешно в партньорство с най-големите вериги супермаркети, както и със специализирани магазини, ветеринарни кабинети и традиционен канал. Имаме множество клиенти дистрибутиращи продукцията, както на родния пазар, така и в страни в и извън ЕС.