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ILTEXComplete food for everyday use SUNNY CAT mix

Complete food for everyday use SUNNY CAT mix

10.0 kg

Complete food for everyday use SUNNY CAT mix

10.0 kg

25.00 лв.

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Dry extruded complete cat food, intended for everyday use, suitable for adult cats of all breeds, with normal activity and moderate energy needs.

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Weight 10.0 kg


Ingredients: Cereals, meat and animal by-products (min. 4 % processed chicken products), fats, vitamins, minerals, coloring agent (E129), antioxidants (Е310-Е320+Е321) and flavor.

Nutrient content: Crude protein – 26%, crude fat – 10%, crude ash – 6%, crude fibre – 2%.


Method of usage: Ready for immediate consumption

Storage: in the original package, in clean, dry, airy and rodent-free areas, protected from direct sunlight.

Expiry date: 1 year after the date of manufacture.

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